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Business Intelligence Panel

A dashboard to track every company founded in Estonia

You can find the companies on the day it is created via our panel.
  • 01 Track how many companies founded by E-Residents
  • 02 Get companies daily
  • 03 See in detail where the company founded

Get statistics about the day, week, month, and year

You can learn deep statistics about the companies founded.
  • 01 Learn which sectors are widespread and growing
  • 02 See the top visited companies in our panel
  • 03 Get to see by which e-mail the companies are created

Daily updated company database

Updates everyday for you to reach the most recent data.
  • 01 The data is online every single moment
  • 02 Most recent companies are presented the day they are founded
  • 03 Friendly UI, easy to understand

Get the exact data you need using Advanced Filter

Set your parameters and get the data you need.
  • 01 Sector, Address, Balance, Employee Count etc.
  • 02 Fast and easy to use
  • 03 Export the data you filtered using credits

Export the data you filtered

You can export the basic data you filtered and download.
  • 01 Enterprise users have 5000 credit from the start
  • 02 Each company consumes 1 credit
  • 03 SME and Startup packages have 1000 and 100 credits

Get detailed information of companies

Deep dive into the detailed information of companies from contacts to related companies.
  • 01 Financials, VATs, Domains, Credit Score
  • 02 Apply for update if you think the data is outdated
  • 03 Always accurate always up-to-date


per month
  • 100 credit
  • 1 User Account
  • Daily Updates


per month
  • 1000 credit
  • 1 User Account
  • 5 Years Backlog Data


per month
  • 5000 credit
  • 1 User Account
  • Access All the Data


Custom Pricing
  • Custom Built Solution
  • Daily XML
  • Custom Data Export